This is not a blog

Nor is it Medium. It's an experiment in minimal web dev. There's no JS, no cookies, and as little CSS as I can get away with. CSS is unfortunately needed because full width text is not fun to read on a large monitor - when we all had 640x480px monitors it was OK, but not now. I also dislike the standard line height, so that gets tweaked too, and the colours are a bit more chilled out than black and white.

Unfortunately that does leave me needing to do some media query stuff to make it work on mobile, but the goal here is to make the render waterfall basically a straight vertical line, and hopefully that won't break it.

So, some rules:

Let's see how fast I can make this

Addendum: looking at the waterfall I can see 250ms is spent waiting for Netifly to resolve the site. That's OK - if it was my server it would be faster but I'm cheap. The important bit is the download time, and Safari records that as 0.0ms!